My Claim to Fame - Sun Records

There aren't too many things I can brag about. So, when I find something I can talk about, I play it for all it's worth. This is especially true with my connection to Sun Records. It is the thing I brag about the most. So, here it goes.

My grandfather's brother-in-law grew up in Memphis. He went to the same high school as Elvis, though he was a few grades behind Elvis. Later, my great-uncle (by marriage) worked at Sun Records, and was a disc jockey. In 1959, he played guitar on a 45 that he cut with Jerry McGill. He owns just about the entire catalog of Sun Records. When he found out that I was in to classic rockabilly, he gladly burned some of those 45s (ok maybe all of them) onto cd for me. This was quite a few years ago, and I am still hanging on to these burned discs. I can't imagine how exciting it would have been to be a teenager and discover this new style of music, one that would have a cult following decades and decades later. I have always wanted to visit Sun to see the birthplace of where it all started. Maybe some day I'll be able to, but in the meantime, I still have my small connection to the label.

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