Scotch Party

I was introduced to the world of scotch by my friend who contributed the previous post. It is such a large world that it can be intimidating. Like wine, I rarely remember which brand I like. Forget about whether they are from the Islay, Speyside, Highland, or Lowland regions. So, I hosted a scotch tasting party. I still didn't learn much, but I did get to try various scotches that I normally wouldn't have the chance to. I also had various wardrobe changes throughout the night. I would like to share photos from the evening.

A sampling of some of the scotches we tried. A few more came to the table later.

I started off the day in this outfit. I love this 49er jacket, even though it's not a real Pendleton. One of the many things that I have regretted getting rid of over the years was the Pendleton style jacket that I picked up at the thrift store. I had to replace it. I am much happier with this one though, because the colors are much better than the green and brown of my previous wool jacket. The jeans are of course Freddies of Pinewood. The shoes are from Muffy's

And, this is what I wore for the start of the party. It is one of my favorite outfits, which I only get to wear when I host a party. It is something I've always wanted to own ever since seeing Lucille Ball wear a similar outfit in I Love Lucy. By the end of the night, the hooks on the skirt popped off, and I had to change again. For that change, the Freddies went back on again, along with a blouse that I found in the back of my closet (one which  I had never worn).

One of the highlights of the night was being able to hang out with a friend from my home town. I don't get to see her as much as I'd like to, even though we only live two hours away.


  1. AMAZING!!! An olive green trouser suit with a swoopy skirt? Love love love love love love I'm incredibly jealous, I wouldn't even know how to BEGIN looking for something similar *adds to sewing to-do list*

    Ruby xx

  2. wow your olive green trouser suit those take me back to the I love Lucy show. I agree with Ruby, I am so jealous. But in a good way. LOL. and Freddies of Pinewood! I love those jeans, I too own a pair myself and they are one of my most priced, vintage, reproduction items. Wonderful post.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Can you believe that the same outfit was at the Vintage Expo for $625?!

  4. Hey!! You look fabulous in that outfit. Good to see different variety of scotches there. Have never arranged such a nice themed party but planning to arrange my brother’s birthday party at one of San Francisco event venues. Will try this scotch party and surely he will like it.