Happy Monday Blog Give-away

I have had quite a good week. It's the first time in months where I've felt completely relaxed. It's also the first time in a while that I have been able to go crazy with purchases. If you have been reading for a while, it won't be too much of a surprise that I've been on a lucite confetti kick. The latest thing I have been looking for is a black hinged bracelet. I got really frustrated not being able to find what I wanted, and when I did, it was either too expensive, or I got outbid. When that happens, my frustration gets beyond control, and I bid on multiple items at once, and inevitably I win multiple auctions. I still haven't learned. This latest quest was no exception. But, I did get what I wanted.

I found the black lucite confetti hinged bracelet I had been looking for - with matching earrings! It was a 9 day auction and newly listed when I first saw it. I have given up on watching an item and waiting until the last minute to bid. So, I just put in the max I want to pay and leave it alone. This is what I did with this set. Within a day, though, I was outbid. I was sad, but was not going to be suckered into paying more than I wanted. So, I let it go. The auction ended. I got an email stating that there had been a bid retraction and that I was now highest bidder with 12 hours to go. Once again, I was outbid with 15 mins left in the auction. I was sad again. But, when the auction finally ended, I had won the set. It was a miracle. I haven't received the set yet, but can't wait to wear it out. 

That leads me to the giveaway. I was very excited when I decided to give away one of the bracelets I won in a give-away - until I received it. The seller didn't state that there was some minor damage to the bracelet. It appears that it may have knocked against something. A little of the lucite has broken off exposing part of a shell (it's confetti and sea shells!). But, since I have stated a couple of places that I was going to do this give-away, I am going to stick to it. To make it a little better, I've gone through my glove stash, and picked out three pairs of gloves to add to the prize. There are one pair of long off white opera gloves, one pair of wrist length off white leather gloves with little cutouts, and a pair of wrist length black leather gloves with embroidery. I hope that makes up for the chipped bracelet. 

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