My Very First Blog Award!

Thank you to the lovely lady at Mid-Century Pink for awarding me my very first blog award. LaToya is relatively new to the vintage scene, but has hit the ground running. She dresses as if she's been doing this for years without having that awkward phase many of us had in the beginning. If you haven't seen her blog yet, go check it out, and add it to your blog must reads.

1. Salty or sweet treats?
I mostly crave sweets. Like most, I love chocolate, and this is what I usually crave. But, my favorite    dessert is cheesecake. I haven't met a cheesecake flavor I didn't like. 

2. Who is your favorite musician or type of music (or both)?
This is a tough question. My musical taste is pretty much all over the board. My favorite band will always be The Beatles. But, to pick a favorite style of music depends entirely on my mood. Sometimes I listen to classic jazz. Other times it is classic rockabilly. Still others, I'm more in the mood for modern electronic style stuff. But, whatever mood I am in, I can always listen to The Beatles.

3. If you could be anyone other than yourself (living or otherwise) for 1 day who would it be and why?
As cliche as it sounds, I would probably choose Marilyn Monroe. She was so troubled even though she had what a lot of us would like to have. I would want to know what went on in her head, what she was really like, and what prevented her from healing from her childhood. She was, in my opinion, a talented actress that wasn't given the chance to really use those talents. Instead she was only looked upon for her body. Whether that was partly her own doing, or the doing of the men around her, I really would like to know.

4. What is your absolute favorite thing in your closet?

Another tough question. I have been collecting for almost two decades. I am also constantly going shopping. I also have at least one new garment made a month (I can't sew to save my life). I have weeded my closet of things that I don't love, but if I had to pick just one thing, it would have to be a silk green Asian style (from British Hong Kong) hostess suit (jumpsuit underneath with an open skirt on top). I entertain frequently and this outfit is both comfortable and fancy.

5. If someone gave you a million dollars to do only 1 thing with what would you do?
I would probably buy time capsule home. Rents are so expensive in San Francisco, that it would be nice to lower that housing expense. This is nothing I'd ever save up for, but only if I was awarded a serious amount of money.

6. Vintage night attire or (if you are like me) old yoga pants and sweat shirts?

Oh, definitely vintage night attire. I don't wear yoga pants often, and even wear nightgowns to bed. 
7. What is your favorite quote?
Though I try not to let this side of me show on the blog (I don't think anyone wants to read negativity), I am a bit of a cynic. Ok, maybe not a bit. I might be a full on raging cynic. So, I tend not to enjoy inspirational and positive quotes. One of my favorite quotes happens to be from the noir The Scar. It was also used by the Film Noir Foundation for some of their merchandise. It is: It's a bitter little world full of sad surprises, and you don't let anyone hurt you. Most of my friends say I am a fatale at heart, and it's hard for me to hide this in my everyday life - no matter how innocent I try to act. So, I think that this quote, and where it is from, sums up how I view life pretty well. 

8. What's the one thing on your vanity that you could never live without?

My perfume. I have many depending, again, on my mood, and the occasion. I have some that are vintage, like Evening in Paris. I also picked up some vintage samples from Etsy of various perfumes, which sadly are not in production anymore. They are sealed vials. So, when opened, they smell just like they would have when they were made. My favorite vintage perfume is Schiaparelli's Shocking. My favorite modern perfume is Pink Sugar, which smells like candy. I get lots of compliments (from men too) when I wear this perfume. At night I tend to wear Tom Ford's Black Orchid. It starts off as a very powerful seductive scent, and changes to a soft powdery scent. I love perfumes so much, that I have to stop myself from buying a new one when I go shopping.

9. If you could relive any age, which age would it be?

Though I've made lots of mistakes in my younger years, I wouldn't go back and relive them. Now that I am in my 30s, I feel like I am an adult, but I can still enjoy acting like a big kid. I feel more comfortable with who I am, and I don't feel like I have to prove anything to anyone. I only look forward to the coming years as I gain more experience and wisdom. 

10. If you could have been an extra in a classic film, which one would it have been?

Being the big noir nut that I am, it would have to be a noir. I don't have a particular film in mind, but would love to have been in something that either Barbara Stanwyck or Dana Andrews was in.

Those are my answers. Now here are my questions.

1. What is your favorite cuisine?
2. Which historical figure inspires you most? Why?
3. What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure?
4. If you had 24 hours with out any responsibilities and limitless money, how would you spend it? 
5. What is your most fond childhood memory?
6. Which is the best city to visit?
7. What is your go to hairstyle?
8. If your blog had a soundtrack, what five songs would you choose?
9. If you could only have one outfit in your closet, what would it be?
10. What product that is no longer made, do you wish would be reproduced?

I wanted to tag blogs that were new to me. Because I am a new follower, I am not aware if you have gotten this award before. I understand if you chose not to participate. Even if you haven't been tagged, feel free to take the questions and answer them on your own blog. Thanks to all who do participate. 


  1. YAY! Great answers!!! I love getting to know more about fellow bloggers!!! And thanks for the shout out!


  2. Cool! Congratulations to the award ans it was so interesting to read!



  3. Happiest congrats on your first blog award, sweet gal! You and your site are fantastic and worthy of all kinds of lovely accolades. It was a joy reading your answers, nodding over the points we share in common, and getting to know more about you.

    ♥ Jessica