A Train Themed Weekend

The weekend started with a train ride to Sacramento to take my parents to a music festival I haven't been to since I was a teenager. I usually take the bus, but decided that I wanted a more relaxing and quieter trip. I also love the train station in Sacramento. It was nice being on the train. But, sadly when I got to the station, it was being renovated. I hope this means that they are restoring it, rather than updating it. I really wanted to show pictures of the station on this blog, but even the ceiling was covered. Originally built in 1926, it has beautiful features. Hopefully, after the renovation, I will be able to take this trip again to show how beautiful it is. 

 The next day my parents and I went to the Sacramento Music Festival. I planned my outfit well in advance which included a hat to keep the sun off. Typically, May is the beginning of a hot summer. But, this year it was quite pleasant. It only reached the high 70s, with a nippy morning, and quite nippy evening. I really felt like I was in San Francisco weather. 

 With our tickets, we had free admission to the Railroad Museum. This was another place I hadn't been in many years. My dad is a train nut. So, it really made his day to be able to go to the museum again. There were several exhibits of real trains, with a few that could be boarded. One such train car was a sleeper car that moved like it was really going to down the tracks. There were also several wax figures of such things as engineers and train staff, but my favorite was the wax figure depicting the women who went to work on the railroads during World War II. The plaque called it "Fighting on the home front." I do have to admit, though, that I didn't actually read any farther than the title. Another exhibit had a replica 1930s train station, again with a was figure on the telegraph. 

 Though I've been to this museum several times, I enjoy it each time. I understand that they can't let people onto a lot of the cars, but I do wish I could get inside to take period pictures. Either way I still had fun on my train themed weekend.

The only place to take photos without the construction background was the phone booth. I'm trying to hide the more modern looking phone.

At the replica train station, "buying" train tickets.

"Waiting" for my train to come (without luggage).

The sleeper car (sounds so sinister, doesn't it?)

Fighting on the home front exhibit.

Being in front of an outhouse has nothing to do with trains. I just have this kind of sense of humor. 

A closeup of some of my favorite earrings.


  1. Cute outfit! Wish I could visit the museum, looks so interesting!



  2. I adore that sleeping car image! Reminds me of so many old movies!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

    1. The dining car was pretty cool too, though they had all the dishes cover. So, I couldn't get a good photo. I wish train travel was still this glamorous.

  3. I love your outfit. Head to toe... beautiful. Do you like your Polaroid sunglasses? I'm interested in getting a pair.

    1. Thanks! I do love my Polaroid glasses. I have a couple other pairs of vintage ones, but I tend to keep going back to these.

  4. Ooh love the grey novelty print dress with those pink accents!!

  5. Cute outfit, I especially adore your straw hat!