Prohibition Party

If I had to pick a second favorite decade, it would be the 20s. Though, I did not have anything in my closet from this decade, I always meant to add a couple things for the inevitable Prohibition party. I am actually surprised that I had never, before now, been invited to one. A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine informed me that he was throwing such a party. I started to panic, because finding an outfit on such short notice was going to be challenging. I have several reproduction patterns, but nothing already made. I quickly started my search.

I was fortunate enough to find a dress for very cheap with minimal damage. It was rather big, but I was able to do some creative pinning to make it fit. Bonus was that it was actually from the 20s. I found a reproduction hat and some vintage millinery to spice it up (while channeling Ruby Armoire). Another challenge was finding shoes since I knew nothing about this decade of foot fashion. I learned something. Peep toes did not come into fashion until the 30s. So, my search was for a t-strap closed toe shoe. I found several to chose from, and bought the cheapest. I already had pearls. 

The next challenge was the make up. Again, I've never dressed from this decade. So, I only had a slight idea of what the makeup should look like. I consulted two make up books I have, and countless pictures of silent movie stars. Though, to me, the photos just look like I have raccoon eyes. I'm not used to wearing my makeup so heavy. This made me thankful that I don't do this on a daily basis. All in all, I was pretty pleased with my look, especially on such short notice. I popped on one of my stoles, and set out to enjoy the night. 


  1. How fun!!! That totally looks like it was a blast! When my Honey and I went to London a couple of years ago we bought tickets to a huge Prohibition Party that was going on that week. Alas, we were there for my graduation and with all the activities (and jet lag) couldn't make it! Very sad!
    You look great by the way! Love that hat!

  2. You look amazing!!! Hope you had a nice time. =)