San Francisco Vintage Expo

I don't go to the Vintage Expo every year. I tend to not like to pay to enter a place to go shopping. But, a friend asked if I wanted to go with her. We found discounted tickets and made arrangements to attend. The day started off pretty fantastic. I met up with my oldest friend (we have been friends for just shy of 20 years) whom I haven't seen in about a year. I was so excited to see her again. We had lunch, and then I headed off to the Expo.

I love this girl with all of my heart.

There is a lot of ground to cover at the Expo. There were about four long rows of vendors. We took our time going through as many that caught our eye. I had in mind that I wanted to find a new hat, sweaters, and belts, but I found everything else except what I was looking for. There were so many beautiful things, it was hard to narrow down. I cam across the exact same outfit I wore here, but in gold. I showed the owner the picture of the one I have. We both were surprised that the other had a version of the same outfit. We so rarely, if at all, see these types of ensembles, let alone the exact same one.

There was one shop in particular that had more things that I loved than anyone else. That was Juniper Tree Vintage in Alameda, CA. I would have loved to take home half of the clothes that they had available. There were several cotton pants/shorts sets that I really wanted to buy. But, with the weather in San Francisco, I would rarely be able to wear them. Apparently they were all owned by a lady named Dorthy who lived in Arizona. Most still had the labels attached. 

Seriously how cute is she?



In the end I only bought a couple of items. I was proud of myself, though. I came in with a certain amount of cash, and didn't spend more than what I brought with me. Both of the items I picked up were from the same seller. The navy blue swing coat came with a ballerina pin. The two piece was a modern make, but from a vintage table cloth. 

I had a great time hanging out with my friends and buying cute vintage items. 


  1. That is such a cute two-piece! Now I'm going to look for tablecloths to sew into something awesome : ) Hey you live in SF! Well, I just replied to your comment on my blog, but I live in Oakland and I have a car - we could totally go on vintage-hunting excursions together. We should meet up sometime!

  2. I heard about the expo, but I wasn't able to make it! Glad you got some fantastic finds. =)